We're glad you asked! Nobel Virtual Faculties is a public school but, as you can probably tell, we're not just any public school. We're online. This means no matter where you live you can access more than courses, from Geometry to AP Art History and everything in between. What's more, our courses are just as real as the dedicated, certified teachers who teach them. NST academy is where you go to learn on your time and on your schedule, no matter what kind of student you are. Public, private and homeschooled students,  can take our virtual courses whether they live in Delaware or not.

Virtual Faculties

- Faculty of Economy and Management

- Faculty of Law and Political Science

- Faculty of Engineering and Technology

- Faculty of Basic Science

-  Faculty of Journalism & Media

- Faculty of Arts and Education


Nobel Academy for Science and Technology
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World Association for Distance Education

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American Professional Doctorate


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