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Here at Nobel Academy we pride ourselves on delivering expert distance learning courses in a wide range of subject areas, meaning that you can gain valuable qualifications with the convenience and flexibility of studying from home.

Being one of the largest home learning Academic in the USA, we have an excellent track record of enabling students to get ahead in the world of work through relevant and recognized accreditations.

You will also have the opportunity to interact with fellow students through the Student Learning Community and our Facebook Page, making the distance learning process sociable and enjoyable!
We believe higher education should be affordable, so we provide interest-free monthly payment plans giving you the flexibility to spread the costs of your distance learning


Agreement For Academic Cooperation and Exchange

Nobel Academy for Science and Technology, USA
Emirates European Center for Human Development, UAE

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Nobel Academy for Science and Technology Incorporated Under the Laws of the State of Delaware, United States of American have Approval to Produce Graduates, Delaware Division of Corporations file # 4558055

The Purpose:

-To develop talent by encouraging excellence.
-To embrace and promulgate truth.
-To make learning an enjoyable adventure.
-To link scholarship and service to mankind.
-To produce graduates who bring expertise and ethical leadership to the world.
-To Cooperation with the International universities to spread science & knowledge.
-To general education services.
-To doing business and Opening branches In the overseas.
-To Provide training courses.

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you can satisfy your thirst for learning and even earn that longed-for degree. Age is not a barrier, and, in most cases, neither is your academic history. And it’s free — all you need is access to the Internet and the resolve to stick with the program you choose

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Our nationally accredited courses lead to internationally recognized awards, and  our expertise with leading professional bodies ensures that our teaching is beneficial and up to date


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